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Our wedding videography team

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Hi!  Our company shoots in 4K, caters to your editing needs, and has an award-winning track record.  What else can I say? I LOVE MY WIFE WITH ALL MY HEART. There. I said it.  I will always remember how many months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds I've been married to the love of my life, with the help of my trusty iPhone countdown app (which now, uh, counts up).  I'll never get in trouble again!  But seriously, I really have always enjoyed the whole wedding process...I love that we can partake of a great day with our clients, and being able to celebrate your day with you.  My own wedding was the greatest day of my life, and my second greatest day was when my wife said "absolutely."  We're all huge saps and hopeless romantics here anyway.  But now, getting the chance to produce 50+ weddings a year gives us a great opportunity to help others truly enjoy their day and make it memorable for them both on the day of as well as for years after, as they relive it in compelling 4K beauty on their wedding video.  I absolutely love the editing process, taking the footage we've shot and putting together keepsakes that my clients can watch over and over, every anniversary, and tear up every time.  (Real men do cry.)  It's our goal, our aspiration and our delight to honor our clients in the same way my beautiful wife and I were honored on our Big Day.  A wedding isn't just a blip on the calendar that gets celebrated once every 365 days...it's the beginning of a beautifully moving lifelong journey, and that's a huge step in the life of anyone.  We're here to make it a step you'll always remember!  (insert smiley face here!!!)

Ryan Graves,
Seattle Wedding Videography

Ryan filming great clients at their Seattle-area wedding!


Our wedding videography team

We've been filming weddings since 2003.  Seattle Wedding Videography is a 3-time First Place Winner of King 5 / Best of Western Washington's "Best Wedding Videographer" award.  My videographers (Sarah, Chris, Javier & I) and I are trained and accomplished professionals.  I don't actually film much anymore; I'm getting a little too old for it, haha!  But my trusty colleagues do the overwhelming majority of the filming, and then it's my stamp on your video since I do all the editing.  I meet with every client beforehand and explain everything you can expect from us before, during, and after your Big Day.  I'm the ONLY one of the crew who will actually use the word "Congratu-almost-lations".  So what else should I say about me? Hmmmm. Wife-lover. Love my wife. In love with my wife. My wife is who I'm in love with. Gavin DeGraw and Alanis Morissette and Lord of the Rings simply rock. And oh yeah, I love my wife a lot. I've been doing this since 2003 and full time since 2007 and have enjoyed every single wedding I've been able to shoot and/or produce. I'm self-taught, I love learning and seeing new techniques, and totally appreciate getting the "money shot" at a wedding, followed by a massive grin and a "yesssss!" fist pump. Oh yeah, and I really truly love my wife. I mean it when I say that her love has saved my life. When I proposed to her, it was the smartest decision I ever made....ever. I love you, my wife, sniff sniff. :-)




Hometown: Seattle, WA
Favorite Movie: "Annie Hall"
Favorite Song: "After the Gold Rush" by Neil Young
Favorite Superhero: Batman

Sarah is a veritable superstar. She gets detail and people shots like nobody's business! She's been honing her skills in video production since the early 2000's. She got her start interning at Channel 9 KCTS and since then has worked in all aspects of corporate and non-profit video. Sarah is a UW grad, animal lover, and an outdoor enthusiast. Sarah just got married at Glacier National Park in Montana, so make sure and congratulate her when you see her!




Hometown: Lima, Peru
Favorite Movie: "The Social Network"
Favorite Song: "Wake Up" by Arcade Fire
Favorite Superhero: Ant-Man

Javier Caceres has been living and breathing video production since high school. Starting off with a music video that sits at a comfy 2 million views on youtube, he has yet to stop being awesome. Since then Javier has cycled through many different roles on commercials and feature films. But nothing quite thrills him like capturing that special day on a couple's life. Off the clock, Javier can be found hitting the dance floor, sharpening his photography skills, and seeking good food.




Hometown: Snohomish, WA
Favorite Movie: "O, Brother, Where Art Thou"
Favorite Song: "In Christ Alone"
Favorite Superhero: Captain America

Chris developed a passion for filmmaking in high school which lead to pursuing it in college. Chris graduated from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 2014 with a BA in media production. He has been filming weddings for three years. Chris loves the outdoors, enjoys hiking, camping and fishing and is an avid history buff!

How does the wedding video process work?

Here's how it happens, and it couldn't be easier!  Here are the under-15-super-simple-steps-to-booking-Seattle-Wedding-Videography:

  1. You get proposed to in a most excellent way, and decide that you want to spend the rest of your life with the love OF your life!  (Congrats and two-thumbs up, by the way!) You decide, "Hey, we should get a videographer for our wedding!"  (Again, two thumbs up.)
  2. You contact Seattle Wedding Videography by filling out an online estimate request or calling in.
  3. We respond with a detailed estimate with an automatic online discount and great package pricing
  4. After careful consideration requiring less than five seconds due to our incredible reputation and production style (humbly speaking!), you book Seattle Wedding Videography from an online contract approval link found in your estimate.  You then pay your deposit which is usually a third up front.  (Your balance is due the week of the wedding).  In either case of payment, you can send in a check or pay online or over the phone securely with a credit card.
  5. Upon booking, we schedule an introductory meeting with you, and coffee's on us!  We'll even buy you a muffin or that banana you're eyeing on the Starbucks counter.  We'll find out how you met and how you proposed, and explain the entire process, from start to finish, of what you can expect from Seattle Wedding Videography as your wedding day videographer extraordinaire.
  6. Also upon booking, we send you a Videography Prep Sheet for you to fill out in advance, which provides us all the details we need in order to film your Wedding Day without having to pepper you with questions!
  7. We show up with a genuine smile and film your Wedding Day.  And if you have a multi-day or multi-venue wedding, we can do that too!
  8. We can even transfer your footage to your laptop right then and there, so you can take your footage with you and enjoy it on your honeymoon!  Most clients send us on our way with a hard drive, so we can always get it to you later as well.
  9. Under 3 weeks following your Wedding Day, you receive a Review Video download link so that you can review our production and make any changes you'd like. These changes include removal and addition of scenes/elements, font & coloration changes, stylization changes, music additions/changes, etc..  We want you to be *utterly* happy with your video, forever!
  10. We take your changes, render the final video and await professional photos from your photographer for your disc packaging and disc's menu screen.  Upon receiving your photos, we create packaging and send you examples for you to also be able to review/change/approve.
  11. If you didn't request video production, we can send you an estimate for just the raw footage, and you can produce it yourself.
  12. Everyone smiles and thinks, "wow, that was easy...and so much fun!"
  13. Yay!

YOUR music. YOUR edits. YOUR changes. YOUR tastes.

At Seattle Wedding Videography, YOU have the final say before we do the final burn!

You can count on quick turnaround and stellar production - check out our Portfolio and Reviews, and see for yourself!  Thanks for considering Seattle Wedding Videography!

Ryan Graves
Owner, Seattle Wedding Videography


Thanks for choosing Seattle Wedding Videography - A Professional Seattle Wedding Videographer to Capture Your Wedding!