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What's the Difference between a Highlight Reel and a Stylish Prelude?

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What's the Difference between a Highlight Reel and a Stylish Prelude? :: back to top

Stylish Preludes are included in Basic and Bronze packages.  Highlight Reels are included in the Gold Package by default, but can be added onto the Basic, Bronze & Silver packages.  Check out the following document which explains the difference between a Highlight Reel and a Stylish Prelude!


What kind of video do I get? :: back to top

With Seattle Wedding Videography, you get a lot more than a lot of the competition offers.  We don't just offer 10-minute highlight reels; instead, you actually get your full wedding day on disc for as long as we were there recording, so that you can relive all of it.  It's a custom-produced movie, 2-hours at minimum usually, featuring all of the key events from your day, unabridged and stylistically edited.  Sure, you'll have some segments that are segue footage and you'll have clips that offer a brief glimpse at the "in-between" times, but you'll be able to relive and enjoy, in entirety, your First Look, Ceremony, License Signing, Grand Entrance, Toasts, First Dance, Mother/Son Dance, Father/Daughter Dance, Bouquet Toss, Garter Belt, Send-Off, and more.  Your disc will be full chaptered, allowing you to jump backward and forward in time.  Each disc, whether it's DVD or BluRay, and on a single disc or multiple discs, will have a Menu Screen featuring titles allowing you to jump to specific segments.  The Menu Screen will incorporate professional photographs from your photographer.  And it's your music on the disc!  Whatever songs were important to you on the day of will be included on your disc in the segments where they belong.  At the end of production, we take your 5-7 favorite photos and create full-color DVD packaging as well, so it looks like an actual Hollywood release...as it should!  Most importantly, you receive a Review Video from us that you can actually make changes on! We allow every one of our customers to review what we've made, and make any changes that they'd like, i.e. deletion of scenes, music changes, stylizations, fonts, coloration, effects, audio/visual changes, etc. Not every videography company allows you to do this.  We're collaborative, and that's the way we believe it should be.  After all, it's your most important day!  Email us if you'd like to see some full ~2-hour wedding video samples.


Why do I need videography if I already have photography? :: back to top

Ahh, the age-old question. The answer is simple: Your day will be a big blur and then it's done!  It's the #1 regret expressed from clients who refer other clients to us and we hear it a lot: "So and so told us to get videography because it's their biggest regret of the one thing they didn't do." Videography allows you to relive your day.  It entails moving photos. There is life behind it. Photography is an absolute must for weddings (and we partner with incredible photographers!), but videography is equally, if not more, critical. It fills the gaps in between, and allows you to not just see a snapshot of a moment in time, but the flow of the day from start to finish. It is a moving documentation of where people were at in their lives and in yours. It allows you to look back and see who all attended your wedding, what people looked like, what they sounded like, etc.. Videography also allows for congratulations to be caught on camera, providing guests the opportunity to talk to you and wish you well, and for these comments to be inserted in your video for you to cherish forever. Even if they didn’t get to talk to you on your Big Day (or vice-versa), they now can! Videography allows those who were not able to attend due to geographical distance (or other factors) to see the wedding. We capture behind the scenes interviews, the processional and recessional, the reception, the dances, the toasts, the excitement, the sights, the sounds, the laughter, your story, personal moments, and more, all in a smooth flowing storyline which captures the moving essence of the day, not just in a single snapshot. Photography does not allow you to relive the wedding in the same way that videography does. The day will be a whirlwind and you won't remember a lot that happened, but now you can relive it again on DVD or BluRay. We do Engagement Videos too!

Click here for a downloadable explanation on the importance of videography.  But that's just the art - you need a company that can match skill-set with excellent customer service.  That's why you can count on us for:


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What will my video be like? :: back to top


If you're getting hitched and are in need of HD wedding or engagement videography, Seattle Wedding Videography is the company for you! With years of experience, great pricing and prosumer equipment, we have what you need to make your memories last forever! We are a top-rated Seattle wedding and engagement videographer who can film and record your important day in HD and then produce an incredible video to commemorate it forever! We won 2011, 2012 & 2013's "Best Wedding Videographer" Award for King 5 / Best of Western Washington, because, frankly, our clients simply love us. Located in Shoreline, Washington, we've been doing audio/video work since 1997, and have provided videographer services for several weddings all throughought Seattle and Washington State. Thanks for choosing Seattle Wedding Videography - A Professional Seattle Wedding Videographer to Capture Your Wedding!

Ryan Graves
Owner, Seattle Wedding Videography