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Our wedding video pricing

Here's the simple truth:  You shouldn't be pushed into packages costing $3000 or more for your wedding!  All of our quotes are competitively priced, and you automatically receive 10% off the listed price when you submit an estimate request online.

At Seattle Wedding Videography, we believe that every wedding is unique, and every wedding is special.  Clients don't always fit within the parameters of "packages", no two weddings are identical, and we believe that you deserve a customized quote for your wedding...and one that meets your budget.  We're also not "budget videographers" - we charge according to the level of service that we provide and we LOVE to do a great job filming and editing...but those both take time to do, and it's important to do them well and not just slap something together.  With Seattle Wedding Videography you get a lot more than what you paid for - just read our reviews and you'll see! That's why we present three customizable packages...and you can definitely personalize them as you see fit.  (Production value increases with each upgrade in Package - the Bronze package, for example, is for those who just want to get it recorded...whereas the Gold package is for those who want an exhaustive, comprehensive, hugely stylized commemorative of their wedding experience).  These are average prices...your package may be more or less depending on the schematics of your wedding needs, and packages are always customizable!

Seattle Wedding Videography Platinum Pricing


Click here for an explanation on the difference between a Stylish Prelude and a Highlight Reel.

The bottom line?  We are the Seattle-area's most affordable 4K wedding videographer.  We believe that you shouldn't have to pay an arm and a leg for wedding videography.  You, as clients and friends preparing to embark on a life together as husband and wife, deserve a good start at a decent price.  We don't charge overtime, and all clients receive an automatic 10% off with occasional additional discounts!  You'll always know what to expect, and you'll receive a professional, detailed estimate covering all the bases.  Best of all, you'll be treated with respect, dignity, and thanks, and presented with passionate services! That's what Seattle Wedding Videography offers you: affordable, passionately-produced wedding videography & video production done right!


Thanks for choosing Seattle Wedding Videography - A professional Seattle Wedding Videographer to commemorate your Big Day!

Ryan Graves
Owner, Seattle Wedding Videography